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We've entered Pre-Production!

Relic Odyssey: Ruins of Xantao is currently in pre-production, which means we are focused on laying the groundwork for our upcoming game. During this phase, our team is working hard to establish a clear vision for the game, including its core concept, story, and gameplay mechanics. We're also creating concept art, storyboards, and prototypes to help visualize how the game will look and feel. ​ In addition to creative work, we're also putting a significant amount of effort into planning and logistics. This includes developing a budget and timeline for the project, determining our resource needs, and assembling a talented and dedicated team. We're also establishing a clear project management structure and identifying any potential risks or challenges that may arise during development. ​

At Honour Bound Game Studios, we believe that investing time and resources into the pre-production phase is critical to the success of our game. By setting a strong foundation for the project, we can ensure that the final product will be of the highest quality and will deliver an exceptional gaming experience to our players. Additionally, the pre-production phase allows us to identify and address potential issues early on, which helps us stay on track and avoid surprises later in the development process. ​

Overall, we're very excited about the progress we're making in pre-production, and we're looking forward to sharing more updates with our community as we continue to work on this exciting new game.

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