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Feature: Putting Hands on your Enemy

Intro to Pushing and Pulling Glove Power

Our approach to combat aims to allow players to dispatch enemies in multiple ways. Bullets, lasers, and explosives are all well and good, but for close quarters, punching and kicking might not be advisable when your fighting robust aliens focus. For this, we present the push, pull, and hold powers. One of many planned powers for the player's Archeology Glove.

Pulling, Holding, & Throwing

Smaller enemies can be pulled right into your hand! Doing so allows the held enemy to be carried and thrown with force.

Safe Hold vs Hazardous Hold

Some enemies can be held in a manner that will not permit them to attack. As shown below-left, the sharp end of this larva is unable to reach us, so it can safely be carried anywhere without taking any damage.

However, the enemy shown on below-right, has many more sharp bits, and as a result is able to attack the player while being carried. Our intent it permit the player to dodge such attacks with a well-timed duck (as in crouching, no earth animal cruelty involved).

We also plan on allowing the player to attack the held enemies with a melee weapon in their off hand, and to charge up a stronger push force, which may cause the critters to explode!

Grapple Mode

For bigger enemies, the player is unable to carry them. Instead being able to hold them where they stand. This will still leave the player vulnerable to attacks, but will allow for a charged push force, launching the enemy back, giving you some much needed personal space.

"Hold on" there's More!

Other objects can be carried, including your trusted ally Clunky! Our next planned glove power is time manipulation, which will permit time around the player to be slowed. This could be used in combination with throwing objects to make your own mid-air platforms by launching a crate (for example) over a pit, then slowing time before before jumping on it mid-air!

If you're looking forward to getting your hands on Relic Odyssey, stay tuned for updates on our upcoming releases and features.

Best Regards,

Keith McLeod, Lead Developer

Honour Bound Game Studios Inc.

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